Here is a sampling of testimonials provided to us over the years from students who have taken our Natural Language Training courses in English and Spanish. Some are in the form of letters, e-mails, and comments taken from evaluation sheets which were signed or left anonymous.  The Natural Language Training acquisition program is identical for all language courses in terms of structure, format, presentation, evaluation and student participation. The courses referred to below were created and taught by Eric W. Anderson.

Perciba Testimonials

“…The Toyota Family Program is like a shaft of light in the dark kingdom for me and my family.  Just after my first lessons with Eric Anderson, I understood that we are the same people, to learn English is not very difficult and to adapt in a new country might be very easy.”  “…After a few lessons, I started to speak English and I wasn’t afraid to do it.  I was surprised that people were undertanding me and I was very glad.  My friends who came to America two, three, or four years ago became surprised how I learned English very fast.  I said to them that this program is excellent, and it helped me to speak and understand.”

— Vera Vezikova       Natural Language Training:English 300 hours

Awards Banquet April 19, 1993, The National Center for Family Literacy, Louisville, KY

[NOTE: She is a Russian immigrant who was one of ten people nationwide who won a national essay award. Her essay was submitted as a writing project in our Natural Language Training course for English, and she was the only non-native speaker of English to win].

Creo que este sistema de enseñanza es el mejor para el aprendizaje del inglés y además creo que debe aplicarse no sólo a los primeros niveles, sino a todos en general.  Este sistema de aprendizaje le da más confianza al estudiante y le da más oportunidad a éste a participar en clases y acercarse más hacia el profesor.

[I believe this system of teaching is the best for learning English and furthermore I believe that it must be applied not only in the first levels, but to all levels in general.  This learning system gives more confidence to the student and gives him more opportunity to participate in classes and be more approachable to the professor.]

Name withheld by request   Natural Language Training:  English 200 hours

Considero que el sistema usado por el Profesor Anderson es el más indicado para el mejor aprendizaje de un nativo en español para el idioma inglés.  La clase estuvo estupenda, durante todo el semestre.

[I consider the system used by Professor Anderson as the most suitable for the best learning of the English language by a native speaker of Spanish.  The class was fantastic throughout the entire semester.]

Name withheld by request   Natural Language Training:  English 200 hours

Es la clase más interesante de inglés que he tomado en mi existencia y el método es muy bueno. El interés que muestra el Profesor hacia al alumno es excelente.  Thank you.

[It is the most interesting English course that I have taken in my life and the method is very good.  The interest that the Professor shows toward the student is excellent.]

Name withheld by request.    Natural Language Training:  English 200 hours

Rob and I benefited immensely from your Spanish Immersion Course. We still cannot believe how much we’ve learned in such a short amount of time. While we knew the information would be useful, we were surprised to find out how much fun the course was. You and Sarah manage to teach in a way that is not only fun and interactive but also extremely efficient. We walked away from every class with a better ability to speak Spanish and an eagerness to return. This has been a very encouraging way to learn since our progress was so easily noticed. We now speak Spanish to each other a couple of nights a week, where a few months ago that was an impossibility. We would highly recommend your classes to anyone as there isn’t a more cost effective or more efficient way to learn. Thanks for everything!

— Linda McCorgary  Natural Language Training: Spanish 100 hours

I have taken several language classes but none have engaged or challenged me as much as this course. If you want to learn to think outside of the box, to push your perceptual intelligence, and to learn a new language, then this is the perfect course for you. You are free to use the above testimonial in any of your P.R. publications. Good luck and thank you again. I am sure that you will hear from me again as I request your Spanish expertise. All the best,

— Nicole J Robertson   Natural Language Training: Spanish 100 hours

Perciba has discovered the basis for fundamental essentials of language learning skills. We learn how to speak through what we see and do, no grammatical guidelines in some text book. How many three year olds do you know that can read? I don’t know any, but I’ve seen many that speak fluent Spanish. This is the founding principle of Perciba’s style of teaching language, and it is unbelievabely effective. Within a matter of a few months, I was able to learn what would have taken years in traditional learning institutions. I would highly recomend to anyone interested in learning a language to quit wasting your time and money on traditionl text book language teaching, and begin to learn language how it was meant to be learned, through your perceptions.

— Tim Robinson        Natural Language Training: Spanish 100 hours

Perciba has developed the perfect program for teaching people of all ages a foreign language that is easy and fun for everyone. This program will change the way language is being taught all over the world. Perciba is on the cutting edge of language educational systems, utilizing natural techniques that people of all languages and abilities can relate to.

—David O’Neil           Natural Language Training: Spanish 100 hours

Considering that 5 months ago I had almost no knowledge of Spanish that in itself is pretty amazing. However the most amazing part was when I was speaking with Oscar, one of my employees from Mexico, he explained to me that he was impressed with my Spanish. He said that usually when they speak to a gringo in Spanish, they have to speak differently than they would to one another and they have a difficult time understanding the content of what is being said. Oscar told me that my Spanish was correct, my vocabulary not as limited as I evidently believed it to be and I speak to them the way they would speak to one another.  I must concede that the progress I’ve made from where I was 5 months ago is pretty remarkable. I also wanted to say thank you for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I appreciate being able to converse with people I have worked with for years.

— Brian Ewart           Natural Language Training: Spanish 100 hours

I am in London at the moment, and besides the awful exchange rate, it is quite a bit of fun. Kings College is quite a bit of work. I don’ t think I ever emailed and told you, but I managed to test into my third year of Spanish…basically, as high as I could go. So I only have to take one more semester of the course, and I am home free…and all I have to say to that is thank you. It was an excellent program, much better than anything I have taken before. I do think when I am forced to be in a class again, I will probably hate it because it will not be nearly as fun or educational as Perciba is…but I was spoiled. I’d like to stop by when I get back and thank you in person, it really was a great course to take. Hope all is well,

— Abe Conrad           Natural Language Training: Spanish 100 hours

I cannot tell you how productive and rewarding your program has been for Kate and me.  Our investment in your Spanish program in time and money was well spent and very much worth it.  Not only have I talked and shared with others your literature regarding your program, I have told them I really believe that your approach to learning Spanish is the way to do it.  I had not been previously exposed to the Spanish language with regard to understanding and speaking, but your program has taken me light years in that direction.  I look forward to building on that.  Kate’s success is a prime example of your great approach to learning Spanish.

Thanks for everything,

— Robert Marsh        Natural Language Training: Spanish 100 hours

 Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for all you have done for us in the past 2 weeks. For twenty-three years I have longed to connect with my mother’s tongue, and finally I’ve connected. This is only the beginning of a new journey for me and I’m so excited! It was such a thrill yesterday to pray to my Father in Heaven in Spanish for the first time. That was one of those moments in life I’ll never forget. Thanks for making this and so much more possible. I thank God and you for the experience of the past several days. My life has been enriched forever. ¡Muchas Gracias!

—Chantee Nebblett  Natural Language Training: Spanish 100 hours  [course taught in 10 consecutive days]

Hi Eric— Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I just had my first experience at work with a completely Spanish speaking mother of one of our babies at Sacred Heart Medical Center.  And guess what?!  It worked!  It was so fun! I kept thinking “Wow! That Eric wasn’t kidding!  These are real words and this mom knows what I’m saying!”  Thank you so much!  I had so much fun in my Spanish classes with a great group of people.

—Lynn Jinishian, RN  Natural Language Training: Spanish 100 hours

I will recommend to anyone I can who is wanting to learn Spanish.  It is absolutely amazing in how much is learned.

— Kristina Chrisp       Natural Language Training: Spanish 100 hours

I would recommend this as a very enoyable, non-threatening way to actually learn to comprehend and use Spanish.

— Kathie Skeman      Natural Language Training: Spanish 100 hours