Perciba Instructors

Think you are a good fit as an instructor? We would love to get to know you!

Think you are a Good Fit?

We would like to ask you a series of questions in order to determine if you and Perciba are a good fit before moving forward. They cover your background, language exposure, language teaching, interaction with people, and teaching with Perciba. We need to know about you and how you relate to our teaching model. Sometimes a curriculum vitae does not provide the particular information we need in order to select candidates for further consideration. Please open the following PDF document to review the questions. If you would like to submit your answers, please copy the Word Document below which has a simplified list of all the questions. Take your time with the questions and we ask you to be frank, open and honest with your responses, which can be as detailed as you want. There are multiple questions within some of the items. You can submit your answers in a Word document or WordPerfect document, and please include all of your contact information. Let us know what questions you may have that you would like us to answer for you.

Let's Get To Know You!

These are questions that we ask of everyone who is serious about becoming an instructor in our program, and honestly regarding each question is paramount. This is a conversation to get to know about you, your thoughts on teaching English or another language , and whether you and Perciba would be a good fit for each other.

Download Questions as Word DocumentDownload Questions as a PDF Document