About Perciba International

Perciba or percibir, means to know or learn something through perception

Why is Perciba Different?

Our program is natural, unique and totally interactive, unlike any other language course you will find.


Your Brain on
Traditional Language Classes

Traditional classes do not reflect in any way how you naturally acquire a language nor how the brain processes language. They imprison your brain by subjecting it to mindless activities based on a very erroneous model of classroom learning involving a textbook and other distracting resources. Free your brain so you can learn another language naturally through Natural Language Training.

Natural Language Training

Your Brain on
Natural Language Training

Unleash the power of natural language acquisition which is the process that your brain is designed to undergo. Feel the freedom and ease of learning another language through Natural Language Training.

What We Offer

Perciba International provides on-site language development courses for English and Spanish to businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions. We bring our programs to you.  It is more practical to have one instructor travel to your location and present the classes than it is for 12-16 of your staff to travel to our location. We can arrange to travel anywhere in the world. Please contact us for more information.

Natural Language Training for English

  • Listening Comprehension and Verbal Fluency Development

Complete Course 200 hours

  • English Writing Development for Business

Complete Course 100 hours

Natural Language Training for Spanish

  • Listening Comprehension and Verbal Fluency Development

Fast-Track Course100 hours

Complete Course 200 hours

  • Spanish Writing Development for Business 

Complete Course  100 hours

Language Certification Testing for Spanish and English

Language Translation Services to and from English for any language in the world.