About Natural Language Training™

Natural Language Training is the only complete performance-based language acquisition program in the world that systematically develops your ability to understand the spoken language at the moment you hear it without translating and to speak it and be clearly understood by a native speaker of that language. What do we mean by “language acquisition”?  The acquisition of a language is the systematic association of the sounds of a specific language to the images those sounds represent. Specifically, each language has its own set of sounds. Images from the person’s environment are assigned sounds to distinguish one image from another. All images, which are either concrete or abstract, are actually perceptions fed into the person’s brain via auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory and taste stimuli. This knowledge is acquired simply by being born into an already-existing speech community. Perception is the input of the environment into the brain through the five senses. Language is perception that is systematically encoded. Natural language is perception systematically encoded with sounds. Perception, then, is the source of all language. Humans are genetically programmed to learn language because every human on the planet naturally learns to understand and speak at least one language. The brain is mapped at an early age via the sound-to-image associations a person has with the environment. We duplicate this same process in our language program to develop your comprehension and fluency.

Natural Language Training reflects exactly how you learned your native language by systematically mapping the sounds of the language to the images they represent.  Using Perception as the basis for instruction, it trains the ear first because the mouth cannot coherently pronounce sounds without the ear knowing what images those sounds refer to.  All of the grammar of the language is taught through listening comprehension and verbal fluency development, which is accomplished successfully without using any textbook and without any reading, writing, or homework.  For a native speaker, language is inseparable from perception and in that sense, they are one.  With Natural Language Training, perception and language are reintegrated in the learner through a systematic process that leads to language competency in the target language. Our unique and patented evaluation system forms the central core in verifying the learner’s acquisition of sound to perception in natural situations.

Natural Language Training™ was created and designed from the ground up starting in 1981 by Eric Anderson, who completed his Master’s and Doctoral studies in Romance Linguistics at the University of Washington in Seattle. Nothing has been borrowed or cherry-picked from any other system of teaching and learning languages. It rests on solid scientific evidence from linguistics, psychology, and the neurosciences.  It is complete and unique, and the outcomes exceed anything in existence today. It is uncomplicated and straight-forward. The language classroom comes alive in a dynamic, interactive training environment that is enjoyable and productive for both instructor and students.

Natural Language Training  creates a transparent interconnected flow between the instructor and the student. It is much like a one-on-one session, but with the other students present to contribute to the individual learning process. Unlike the traditional approach, it is not a one-sided affair where the instructor imparts knowledge, hoping that the student somehow connects with the subject matter and learns something; if not, then it is clearly the student’s failure, and the instructor escapes accountability because that is built into the system.  As we all know, student failure is also built into the traditional system, and it has nothing to do with the student’s actual language ability or intelligence. Natural Language Training taps into the natural language acquisition process that is innate in all of us, and since we insure that it is properly delivered in our programs, the participant will successfully learn the target language. “Successfully” for us means the participant will be able to function on the job in terms of understanding and speaking the language, and will be able to engage and interact with native speakers of that language in any natural environment.

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